Love & Life Purpose: 6 Realms

Love and Life Purpose

Life can be so much more.

Energize your love life, journey to your life purpose, and experience them firing each other up!

More Joy

Joy is emotional oxygen, we need it to breathe, every day.  It's time to get off your joy diet!

Great Dating & Relationships

Singles AND couples:  enjoy the "fun work" of creating more joy, warmth, trust, adventures, healthy communication & boundaries, love, and fire! 

Sexy Wisdom: Primal, Light, & Shadow

Sexy Wisdom's 3 realms:  1) The Primal:  trusting instincts and honoring boundaries, 2) The Light:  love, affection, play, sensuality, Tantra, healing, and 3) The Shadow: exciting, safe journeys into the unknown.

Journey to Your Life Purpose

 We'll interpret the clues to uncover the greatest mystery ever designed just for you:  your life purpose!

We all benefit from your discovery, but you get to enjoy it for a lifetime.

Journey to Your Retirement's Greater Purpose

We'll explore your life's passions, talents, peak experiences, and more, to discover the most fulfilling way for you to enjoy your retirement.