Coaching with Daniel Sara, MA

More Joy Coaching

Joy is emotional oxygen, we need it to breathe, every day.  It's time to get off your joy diet!

More Joy in the Present

Enjoy many of your favorite experiences from all five of your senses in one session (personalized in advance).  Experience more joy in the present; expand your capacity for more joy in your life.


Be at your best for the day you meet someone with real potential.  Before love is the best time to do "fun work" on:  what you really want, flirting, dating, relationships, sexy wisdom, and more.


Love can be so much more.  Open your hearts to each other, laugh and play together, journey to your life purpose together, develop your sexy wisdom together, and more.  Co-create the greatest love you've ever known.  

Journey to Your Life Purpose (Retirees: Journey to Your Retirement's Greater Purpose)

We'll interpret the clues to uncover the greatest mystery every designed just for you:  your life purpose!

For retirees:  discover the most fulfilling way for you to enjoy your retirement.

Online Men's Groups

Online Men's Groups (Male Bonding and Group Coaching).  Different groups include:

  • "Sex, Love, and Life Purpose"
  • "Sex and the Shadow"
  • Gay Men
  • "The Night Owls"
  • "Entrepreneurs and Men Thinking About It"